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NFC / Apple Pay

Perkwave Terminal includes near field communication (NFC) technology so that your customers can simply wave their mobile phone to pay. The number of NFC enabled phones is estimated to reach 1 billion by 2017* and it is estimated that 65% of consumers will use their phones to pay for goods by 2020!** Make sure you aren’t turning away customers because you don’t accept their preferred form of payment. Your iPhone customers can pay wirelessly over NFC with Apple Pay.

Prepare for the Shift to EMV – Smart Cards

Perkwave Terminal accepts EMV-enabled credit cards.

Smart cards include an embedded microprocessor that provides powerful security features not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. The major card brands recently announced that they will be migrating to EMV technology in the near future due to the added security afforded by these cards. Merchants who don’t accept EMV payments will be non-compliant once these changes go into effect and will incur increased liability for data breaches and chargebacks. With Perkwave Terminal, you can future-proof your business and stay on the cutting edge of payments technology!

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  • Support for all major credit and debit cards as well as EMV smart cards, contactless cards and mobile near field communications (NFC) payment technology
  • PCI PTS compliant and EMV certified
  • Intuitive keypad layout with integrated PCI PTS-approved PIN pad
  • Easy to use clamshell printer design allows drop-in loading of thermal paper rolls in just seconds
  • Graphics-capable thermal printer allows the printing of logos, barcodes and QR codes
  • Give your customers the option to receive e-receipts sent directly to their e-mail address

Perkwave Terminal FAQ

What hardware is included in the Perkwave Terminal solution and what types of payments can the terminal accept?

The Perkwave Terminal solution is comprised of two pieces of equipment: Proprietary EMV-enabled credit card terminal which supports all major credit and debit cards as well as all smart cards.
Customer-facing reader that accepts mobile near field communication (NFC) payments (Apple Pay, Google Wallet, ISIS, etc.) as well as contactless credit card transactions (Visa PayWave, MasterCard PayPass, Discover Zip, etc.).

Why “Perkwave”?

Harbortouch is currently developing a loyalty/offers platform with an accompanying consumer app. This app and platform will be called “Perkwave”. The Perkwave terminal shares the name of this initiative since it will be “Perkwave-compatible”. Any merchant that has a Perkwave terminal (or a Harbortouch POS system) will be able to tap into the tremendous capabilities offered by the Perkwave platform. Merchants with Perkwave-compatible equipment will be able to send customized offers to potential customers and provide a robust loyalty program to their current patrons. This program will incorporate various other mobile loyalty and offer programs to create an all-in-one dashboard for consumers.

What should I know about EMV?

Credit cards with EMV capability, or “smart cards”, include an embedded microprocessor that provides robust security features and other applications not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. EMV transactions utilize “dynamic digital data” in every transaction, resulting in extremely secure transactions with a reduced chance of fraud. Due to the benefits offered by EMV, this technology has become the standard in over 100 countries including Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia. In fact, according to EMVCo ( www.emvco.com ), approximately 44.7% of the total payment cards in circulation are EMV cards and 76.4% of the POS terminals installed globally accept EMV. The US is one of the last countries to implement EMV technology. However, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover have all announced plans to move to an EMV-based payments infrastructure in the US by 2015. This means that the card brands will be migrating to this technology going forward and merchants will be required to accept EMV payments in order to remain compliant with Visa/MasterCard regulations.

What should I know about NFC?

Near field communication technology, or NFC, allows consumers to simply wave their phone in front of a special reader to pay for goods. This technology has strong support from well-known and well-financed companies such as Google, Verizon, AT&T and others. This backing, combined with the increased prevalence of NFC-enabled smart phones, makes it very likely that NFC will reach mainstream adoption in the very near future. In fact, the number of NFC enabled phones grew from 7 million in 2011 to 140 million by the end of 2012 and is estimated to reach 1 billion units in 2017 (Source: Berg Insight)! Further, it is estimated that 65% of people will use their phones to pay for goods by 2020 (Source: Pew Research)! This represents a huge market of potential customers that can’t be ignored.

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